How do I list an item for sale at ReTag

Simply fill out the Sales form on our Sell with us Page to get the process started. If you prefer, you may also call/watsapp us at
+91 7071-045-045 to get a quote.

What items do you accept to list for sale?

We accept all luxury apparel and accessories for Women, Men & Children. You may review our Brands List for additional information.

Will I need to publish my name or contact details on ReTag?

No, your privacy is extremely important to use. Seller and buyer identities are kept discreet and secure.

How is the pricing decided?

Pricing will depend on a number of factors like brand, style, product condition and market demand to list a few.

What if I choose not to accept the listing price?

We deliver your item back to you (a nominal service fee of Rs400 applies) You may also choose to pick up your item from our premises at no charge.

How does your authentication process work?

Each item goes through a multi-level authentication process by our experienced in-house specialists, and our third party authenticators based in USA if required.

What if my item does not clear your authentication process?

In case we do not get an approval on your product from our authentication team, we will be returning your product(s) in the same condition as was received by us, on receipt of a rejection fee of Rs. 3000 from you. For this reason, we advise you to ensure that the items being sent to us are in good condition (no functional wear and tear), authentic and the estimated pricing is more or less agreeable by you.

How long do you keep an item for?

We offer an initial listing duration of 4 months. You may choose to remove your item from the listing, or extend it by another 2 months as part of a promotional offer.

Do you reduce the price?

We are unable to offer negotiable quotes for most of our listings. If you wish to provide additional information that may affect pricing, please contact our Seller Support team.

What if I change my mind and want my product back?

You may remove your product from the listing at any time. But if for whatever reason a product is removed before the contract is over or 4 months then a service charge of 20% will be levied upon the cost offered to you as our handling fee.

What if my item doesn’t sell?

You have the option of taking your item back, in which case we will deliver it to you at a nominal fee of Rs 400 or a free pick-up option is also available. You may also choose to extend the listing by an additional 2 months with promotional pricing.

How do I get paid?

Payments are made via cheque or bank transfer. GST/ VAT etc may apply.

Can I get cash instead for my items?

For specific items we may be able to offer a cash payout option upon request. Our Seller Support team will be happy to answer any questions regarding this.

Are pre-owned items cleaned or reconditioned prior to be listed for sale?

Yes. In order to ensure successful sales, most pre-owned items will go through a product spa before the photoshoot and online listing.

How many products can I list for sale?

We currently accept 15 items of apparel or accessories from an individual seller. If you wish to list more products or want to explore volume sales, our Seller Support team will be happy to help.