"Details matter, they create depth and depth creates authenticity"

Our company is built on an outstanding reputation, and an unwavering policy of honesty and transparency. Before a pre-loved luxury item is listed on our store, it goes through a detailed process of inspection and verification. Given that, we stand behind each piece of merchandise that makes it onto our floor. Our in-house authentication team has been trained by some of industry’s Greatest Product Specialists & has the experience and focused training to perform detailed evaluations of type, style and construction of a product.

We have third party tie-ups with an independent US based authentication service for high-end designer bags and apparel. Optional authentication certificates can be made available on request. We leverage our relationships with top luxury brands for high-value items that may need another layer of verification.

Zero-Tolerance for Counterfeits

At ReTag , not only is the sale of counterfeits and unauthorised replicas of branded products prohibited, but it is also illegal. We hold ourselves and our sellers to the highest standards of integrity and will never stock or sell counterfeit goods. Our policy clearly states that the sale of unauthorised replicas or "knock-offs” is absolutely prohibited. In most cases this also contravenes copyright, trademark and intellectual property laws. Any items that do not pass our rigorous authentication process are returned promptly.

"At ReTag, our business is built on its outstanding reputation of integrity and honesty. We will never knowingly sell any counterfeit merchandise."